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Wine tradition

The tradition of cultivation at our house is reflected in the life of the grapes on the vine and combines with modern approaches in the processing in the life of the wine. Respecting nature, understanding it and knowing its laws is our basic task.

We are committed to preserving the vine as a natural culture and family heritage, and to upgrade it together with its fruits with today's knowledge.

Wines that live with us

Countless ingredients are hidden in wine, which come together as a collection of beautiful thoughts, thousands of drops of sweat, and actions. They are our companion in color, aroma and taste.

Simply - they live with us and inspire us.


Wines can be witty, playful, seductive, eternally classical, serious, understanding, special or »just ours«, good and sweet. Allow them to tell you their story. Give them time, moment and company. Let enjoy with them.



It is not possible to produce thh top wine without quality grapes. Well matured grapes, that is fruit of the whole year in the vineyard, gives harmony in the taste, and in the smell the presence of the sort characteristic fruit-flowery components.

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