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We have got a terroir, where the influence of the Alps or pre-Alpine world can be seen, and also the influence of the Pannonic low country. Hot and relatively dry summer, cold autoumn nights and cold winter are very important. There is no question - here are continental characteristic of the wine production: we want to take advantage of them. We want to keep in wine the sort, fruity-flowery-vegetal-herbal aroma and simultaneous taste of wine with the present minerality. Our vineyards are spread out on three, among them separeted estates. Each of these complexes has got its legalities.


Size: 5 ha

Location: south and southwest

Altitude: 300m

Soil: clay and marl


Size: 2 ha

Location: western

Altitude: 350m

Soil: sandy - marly


Size: 2 ha

Location: Southeast

Altitude: 300m

Soil: light marly

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