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German (Rhein) Riesling

It is not a coincidence that German Riesling is known as the king of white wines. It offers a wide range of fruity-floral scents to the drinker. "Rhein" features can be formed in the cooler, sun-exposed hills of our region.

Wine description

In the first year wines have usually got a smell of peach, apricot, the so-called yellow fruits, but with age, the smell becomes more complex. Often we detect floral notes, partially herb notes, as well as petroleum ones. The scent is composed. The taste is reminiscent of the yellow fruit. It is fruity, balanced with a pronounced character. The wine is not completely dry, it also has firm acidity. All this allows it to form a lot of tertiary bouquet substances as it ages.

Matching with food

It is pleasantly compatible with fried poultry and also with pork.

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